Financial & back office

SCS provides a comprehensive business outsourcing service for co-operative, community owned, and social enterprises (the information about back office services on this page is also available as a PDF leaflet here). In addition, SCS aim to provide an integrated package of financial products at affordable prices, ideal for the needs of community and social enterprises (the financial services leaflet is also available as a PDF here).

Financial Services for Social Purposes
Whether you need...
  • payroll and tax agency
  • bookkeeping
  • forecasts and analysis
  • year end accounts
  • community share issues
  • business planning
  • quarterly reports
...we can help.
We keep our overheads low and work efficiently; passing the savings on to you by charging by the hour, so you know that the time you spend on record keeping will really cut your bills.
Since 1998, our staff have provided financial services for Co-operatives SW, Radical Routes, numerous social enterprises, housing and workers co-operatives, and mutual societies.

A capacity boost for overstretched teams
If you find yourselves needing extra support for background tasks – from bookkeeping and administration to project management and development – but cannot justify the expense and commitment of employing more staff, there is an alternative.
SCS can provide skilled personnel on flexible contracts. Our team share your values, have wide-ranging business experience, and can take on tasks – large and small – while charging only for the hours actually required.
We can sometimes accept a form of deferred payment (settled when resources permit) so that your enterprise can be fully supported at an early stage. In executive positions, we may sometimes suggest that one of the SCS team joins your board of Directors to add experience and support.

We’re here to help
Your growing social enterprise can draw on the skills of professional co-operators, themselves working in a supportive team.That means you can punch above your weight at an early stage – when the extra clout is most needed.
Sometimes we are the initiators of the enterprise, bringing together people locally to meet an evident need. In this case, you need to be assured that we are still on tap, and not on top: we don’t claim any proprietorial rights over the business and look forward to gradually stepping back when the local team are ready and able to manage the project independently.
Our charging is typically variable depending on the complexity and responsibility of the work involved; it can be deferred as ‘sweat equity’ or even capped altogether to ensure that the share capital is not excessively diluted.
We work at the direction of your core group, remaining accountable at all times, and exercise a strict conflict of interests policy to ensure that we are not involved in negotiating our contracts or remuneration.
Because we are a co-operative ourselves, we are accountable to the wider co- operative movement and maintain our own line management of staff so that you get the services you want – no more, no less.

Our unique offer - a local, accessible specialist
Social enterprise has particular requirements:

  • the need to report to members, trustees, and stakeholders in plain English
  • a ‘triple bottom line’ with environmental and social results valued as much as financial ones
  • the need for long term security rather than short term profit
  • effective reporting to funders
  • and the use of legal structures that many accountants will be unfamiliar with.

Our experience as a co-operative and social enterprise development body means that we understand about trading for more than profit.
Alongside our financial services, we can also help with facilitation of meetings and group skills, social accounting, legal structures, personnel issues, management and business development.
Call us to discuss your requirements.We are able to provide a tailored solution to meet your needs, either specific pieces of work or an ongoing service level agreement - we look for ways to make your job simpler.