...from clients, member clients, members and casual enquirers.
We are keen to hear regularly from co-ops and social enterprises on how well we have performed, and how your co-op project is progressing. We use this information to prepare our annual social impact report and to review and upgrade our services, so it really does make a difference.
You can answer all the questions with a click of a mouse button, and there's no need to think for long about it - so you can be all done in a few minutes (though there's space to write at length if you want).
There are three main sections: one is a review of our performance, as you experienced it. The second looks at how your experience of being involved in social enterprise; and the third looks at the impact that your organisation is having. By asking these questions, we find out whether we've helped your business operate more effectively - or whether we could do more.
Finally, there are some simple statistics which it is helpful for us to collect and often don't appear in published accounts - please don't feel like you need to be exact, as an approximate answer from memory is fine.
We may ask you to answer from the point of view of a previous period - for example for measuring social impacts over a calendar year, it is best to know what you thought at the end of that year (even if we did much more for you since then!). But of course, putting today's date and answering from your current perspective is fine too.

There are four surveys depending on the kind of relationship you have with SCS: