Consultancy & research

SCS provides expert business development and support services for all forms of new and existing co-operative, community owned, and social enterprises (you can download this page as a PDF).

Inspiring Enterprise
Consultancy covers everything from the initial advice we offer to individual entrepreneurs starting out in social enterprise, all the way to detailed analysis and financial modelling for large, established co-operatives.
Your directors and other team members will benefit from our many years of experience in social enterprise and SFEDI accredited small business advice.
We can work with you informally in exploratory discussions; or through a structured training or facilitation session that deals systematically and creatively with the issues facing you.
We specialise in support for brand new ventures, and can help by building support for new ideas and introducing opportunities that have been successful elsewhere.

We’re here to help
Consultancy is essentially about problem solving, and in every case we have worked on, we are confident that the cost of our advice has been small compared to the value added to the community.
This might be the result of helping you to research feasibility, introduce innovation, improve profitability, or gain focus on your social impacts; we treat each situation as unique with its own bottlenecks and opportunities.
We aren’t afraid to challenge long standing assumptions or propose radical solutions, but we work with the values and the mission that animate your social enterprise.We will be truthful and direct about what action is needed for success, but to allow the client to define how success itself is measured.
We are particularly keen to bring advanced business tools including financial modelling, director training, and social accounting to enterprises run by people with little previous business experience: that means our goal is to take out the jargon, demystify the concepts and bring everything down to a human scale. We always respect the capacity of the overworked social entrepreneur.

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