Community organising

Community Organising is the work of building relationships and networks in communities to activate people and create social and political change through collective action.

The Community Organising process involves identifying what people care strongly about in a community through one-to-one conversations; building relationships and networks that are strong enough to support a long struggle for change; developing community leaders; mobilising people to take collective action to achieve a shift of power and significant social change.
Community Organising utilises many different methods of engagement and consultation tools, inc. the World CafĂ©, Planning For Real®, e-surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and competitions.
Building on the success of the RSLM and Community Organising approach within the FEED project, SCS are now ready to develop the role of Co-organiser as part of their services to support new social entrepreneurs and burgeoning community groups; using the RSLM process to help explore their aims, goals, aspirations – and conceive new projects.

The Co-organising service would be promoted through the existing SCS networks, websites, and newsletters. In addition, Jon will attend targeted local events, give presentations to groups, hold public meetings, co-ordinate training and awareness days, and utilise the local media, etc.

From October 2014, over the following six months, Jon will be take on a specific ‘first contact’ role within SCS; visiting people across the county who contact the organisation with a view to developing a project. At these first contact meetings, Jon will use RSLM’s 1-2-1 active listening as a process to enable potential customers to reflect on their ideas and plans.

Following an initial meeting, Jon will produce a RSLM appraisal, and – if appropriate – refer the client to Alex Lawrie.