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The Power of Social Investment

Use your money to do good. Social investment enables societies and social enterprises to kick-start positive projects. Social investment is repayable finance provided for charities and social enterprises. That means that it is not a grant but is money that the investor: 1. Expects to get it back (often with interest and after a certain time frame) 2. Expects to help create positive social impact


What’s great about being a social investor? - Knowing your money will do good. We vet every share offer that is sent out from the Co-op Angels list. We ensure that the co-operative principles are at the heart of the society. - Without your help, the social economy would not grow. Every investment helps to change the world we live in. - Support businesses you believe in What you invest in is what the money will be spent on. A social investment will not be used a guise for a corporation. Could you be a social investor? Since 2007, we’ve maintained a database of social investors (known as the Co-op Angels) willing to be approached by democratic social enterprises seeking investment. Co-op Angels have invested over three quarters of a million pounds to date, supporting co-operatives including GO-OP, Somerset Cooperative Community Land Trust, Woolhope Woodheat, Wedmore Community Power, Lightweight Community Transport and The Energy Saving Co-operative.


Are you seeking investment?

Why not contact us to talk about your society, your idea and your requirements? The list of Co-op Angels has thousands of UK investors, once we know more about your project, we can tailor a list to those who will likely support your project.

New to social investment?

We can help prepare covering letters and other materials for a mailshot or email. We are also happy to help administer your offer via a print and direct mail company of your choice. Direct mail isn't as expensive as you might think, and when it is well targeted it is hard to beat for effectively communicating your pitch.

If you’d like to use this service speak to us at:

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