Co-op Angels - investors for change

Since 2007, Somerset Co-operative Services has maintained a database of social investors willing to be approached by democratic social enterprises seeking investment. We regularly update the list to record their preferences and contact details - in most cases postal addresses, but some emails as well.
We take great care not to bombard Co-op Angels with poorly prepared offers, or information that they are not interested in. However, if your business has a credible proposition, is investment ready, and meets our ethical criteria, you can make use of the list to promote your investment offer.

Co-op Angels have invested over three quarters of a million pounds to date, supporting co-operatives including GO-OP, Somerset Cooperative Community Land Trust, Woolhope Woodheat, Wedmore Community Power, Lightweight Community Transport and The Energy Saving Co-operative. The last mailshot, for Community Power Cornwall, raised over £200,000.

To prepare a mailshot, please get in touch and let us know your requirements - the list covers investors across the UK, and can be enlarged or reduced to target the investors most likely to support your project. You can ask us to help prepare covering letters and other materials for a mailshot, or work with the print and direct mail company of your choice. Direct mail isn't as expensive as you might think, and when it is well targeted it is hard to beat for effectively communicating your pitch.

Click here for our introductory leaflet, and here for detailed current information about this service.