Sunday, 15 March 2020

Co-operatives that could beat the climate crisis

Everyone is asking the same question: ‘I understand that it’s a climate emergency, but what can I actually do? Surely it is big businesses that need to change - because it's too big a problem for anyone else’.
It’s a fair question – heaping shame and expectation on hard-pressed individuals is both pointless and uncaring – but don't give up on your own power just yet.
Surprising as it may seem, social enterprises – and especially those with democratic, co-operative forms of management – have many advantages. They can raise investment on clean balance sheets; use social and environmental accounting to check that their business model is futureproof; and introduce new technology and infrastructure to communities that trust them.
We've produced a briefing introducing some of the ideas that could be replicated in communities across the South West. Download and spread it around...