Monday, 2 December 2019

Cascade Training South West REBOOT! Training for those passionate about the social economy

Effective, affordable training with social purpose

Cascade Training South West offers a range of affordable training courses, primarily for charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises – as well as for the public and private sectors.

Courses are designed to strengthen management, leadership and other key attributes to enhance performance and confidence, and to build and develop important skills that you need every day within your work or voluntary roles. We also offer a wide range of financial, fundraising and other 'operational' learning opportunities.

All of Cascade's trainers are knowledgeable professionals who are highly regarded in their fields of expertise who lead very participative sessions in order to maximise practical application and shared learning. 

Courses from £99 - £199. Discounts are available for multi-bookings, and for membership of  Co-operatives UK, SCS CIC and organisations with the Social Enterprise Mark.

Find out more:
0300 456 2265