Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Introducing our new and enlarged team

SCS CIC has substantially enlarged its worker team with no less than four new recruits. Alongside Alex and Caitlyn, who will continue to work on co-ordination and the retail and food areas respectively, we have:
From left: Alex (seated), Steve, Alice, Mo, Caitlyn, Lina
Mo Critchlow, playing a key role in Devon and developing our nationwide connections;
Lina Hernandez who is our spreadsheet maestro and will ensure all our clients have immaculate record keeping systems;
Steve Howell will be working mainly on housing and property development;
and Alice Ling, who will focus on energy co-ops, Cascade training and agriculture.
This is all made possible by the support of social investors in Somerset Development Workers Co-op.
We have a share offer open now, with 4.5% interest and Enterprise Investment Tax Relief worth 30%. It's a full risk investment for at least three years, but if that doesn't put you off then do please request an offer document by emailing