Monday, 15 July 2019

Shipping containers at the Canalside: a co-operative opportunity for Bridgwater

The Container Home Pilot Project led by Robin Howell (and supported by The Glastonbury Trust and Sedgemoor DC among others) has reached a milestone; the first two finished units are ready to provide accommodation for farm workers.
We'd like to invite you to a breakfast event (pastries will be provided) at the Canalside Centre, Bridgwater to see these extraordinary re-purposed shipping containers while they are on display, and find out more about what could come next - a workers co-operative that produces them at scale for use on sites where conventional housing development would be impossible.
If you are interested in solutions to the housing crisis; in a career in a workers co-operative; in co-operative solutions for urban farming, land use and transportation; and in homes fit for a climate emergency; join us at 9.00am on the 22nd.
Download the flyer here, and show your interest on our Facebook Event page.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Job applications are now live!

Somerset Co-op Services is now recruiting - with a climate emergency, a co-operative renaissance and a public service crisis all unfolding there is both need and opportunity for what we do. We are aiming to build our team up to between four and six people (probably a mix of part time and full time) based primarily in Taunton but with scope for flexible working. It is office based and ranges from detailed orientated administration of computerised records to complex business planning and community organising roles.
We like to think that we are breaking new ground and reinventing the whole idea of the 'co-operative development worker' for the 21st century. It has something in common with small business advice and consultancy; something in common with accountancy and organisational analysis; and something in common with community development and regeneration. But essentially it is about building and strengthening a social movement.
You can go to our 'Jobs and Investment' page where you will find all the information - job descriptions for the different roles and an application form. Remember, the deadline is August 14th!