Saturday, 25 June 2016

Some words of advice for Co-opertives Fortnight.... from 1883

This is well worth a read... the University of Bristol have kindly dug this fascinating document out from their archives and scanned it for me. It is a co-operator considering the way forward for the movement 130 years ago, and I feel he has some entirely worthwhile suggestions for us in 2016. Consider this: "It may be said there is no need for new starts. If what there is is good, we have only to move on in the same line... the fact is that money that has been saved by our working classes is constantly being returned... it is almost certain that a great deal of this returned or unsaved money is being wasted... There is a great opportunity for us to do a great deal more for our fellow-men [sic] if only the zeal, the mutual trustfulness, the singleness of purpose, the power of combination of higher efforts can be found."