Saturday, 26 September 2015

September news and directors' forum
 We're pleased to annouce another edition of the ever popular 'Co-operative Developments', this month packed with news about Taunton Saving Together at 10 East Reach, new co-ops in solar power and woodworking and much more. Click on the icon to download.

We're especially keen that as many people as possible hear about the monthly Directors' Forum that will be meeting at 10 East Reach every first Wednesday of the month. If you are a director of a social enteprise, or you think you might like to be, you'll find this an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge, seek help with problems, learn new things and develop your skills. Whether your interest in the role of the director is for social change, career development or being part of convivial teams, this is a chance to meet others who know what it's like.

If you can get into Taunton once a month for these sessions, you won't regret it - please spread the word (with the PDF linked to this image) and encourage others to join us.