Somerset Co-operative Services can help you by

Providing free advice We can usually offer an hour of support without any charge, by phone, email or at one of our drop-in sessions

Consultancy We provide a full range of consultancy for new and existing co-operatives, on issues as diverse as marketing, productivity, participation, fundraising, business planning or consensus building.

Training We can plan and deliver training courses covering the key skills for starting, managing and developing many different types of co-operative and social enterprise.

Financial services Whether it is year end accounts, quarterly management accounts, ratio analysis or forecasting, we can provide high quality financial services.

Back office  Bookkeeping, payroll, administrative and executive functions can be delivered in a bespoke package to meet your needs.

IPS Multistakeholder Co-op registration We are the sole sponsoring body for the Somerset Rules (see 'Register' in the menu bar) - ideal for co-operatives that serve more than one stakeholder group, work to a specific mission and want to report on social impacts, or prefer rules that explicitly address co-operative principles.

Mobilising social investors We keep a mailing list of known social investors so that co-ops and mutuals can easily contact them when there are investment opportunities. The 8,000 people on the list can be sorted according to their postcode; their previous investments; and their known preferences. Click on 'Co-op Angels' below.

For more information, see the leafets below. Our general leaflet introduces our services, and our corporate CV provides more detail of the work we've done. There are also leaflets specifically relating to our financial services, and to the help we offer businesses seeking to convert to a co-operative ('succession'). For registrations, see the menu bar to the left.

Please call us on 0300 456 2265 or email for more information. Don't forget, there may be grant funding available to support the work you require. 

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