Our mission is to promote the application of international co-operative principles, to help people establish new social enterprises and to enable social enterprises to work together to be financially, environmentally and socially sustainable. We aim to provide high quality services to our user members and secure, fairly rewarded work to our worker members. We offer specialist support to co-operatives, particularly those bringing different groups together and those that make measurable impacts on the reduction of carbon emissions.

IYC 2012 SFEDI Accredited Business Adviser Co-operatives UK Member

Co-operative Business Breakfasts in Crewkerne and Taunton

Somerset Co-operative Services CIC celebrated Co-operative Fortnight with business breakfasts in Crewkerne and Taunton. Demonstrating the power of Co-operative Principle No.6 “Co-operation between co-operatives” guests at the breakfasts shared information and experience to help and support each other survive and thrive.

At last - the formula for co-operation

Sc * (Ci + Mt) = Co


Shared commitment x Common interests + Mutual trust = Co-operation!


Co-operatives Fortnight

Co-operatives Fortnight During the second week of Co-operatives Fortnight, Somerset Co-operative Services is organising 2 Co-operative Business Breakfasts to facilitate networking between local co-operatives, sharing information and ideas, exploring how we can help and support each other and celebrating Co-operatives Fortnight!

The Business Breakfasts will be held in Crewkerne 1st July 9am to 10am at Somerfield,  Falkland Square, Crewkerne TA187JS, and Taunton on 2nd July 9.30 to 10.30am at Makers Craft Co-operative, 6 Bath Place, Taunton, TA1 4ER. A big co-operative Thank You to Makers and The Co-operative for hosting what we hope will be beginning of a continuing programme of co-operative networking events in Somerset.

November 09

"A dog helps dog world" Ed Mayo, new Co-operatives UK CEO speaks at the launch of Andrew Bibby's "After the Crash" - suggesting that the co-operative business model offers a way to build strong, profitable businesses which are sustainable in the long-term, both environmentally and financially.

Deal Between Mondragon (Spain) and the United Steelworkers (USA)

New campaign urges co-operatives to ACT ! together on climate change

ACT ! – Addressing the Climate Threat – is a new campaign being run by Cooperatives Europe which will launch on 21 September 2009 to coincide with the UN’s Global Climate Week.

The campaign will co-ordinate and promote the activities of co-operatives across Europe to ensure that their voice is heard and that there is an effective response by co-operatives and their members to the threat of impending climate change.

Bob Burlton, the driving force behind ACT ! and also the Chair of Co-operative Financial Services, explains the reasoning behind the campaign.


Somerset Co-operative Services (SCS) a Somerset based Co-operative CIC announced at its recent AGM the launch of the Somerset Rules - a new and unique set of I&PS Model Rules for a multi-stakeholder co-operative, combining the accountability and democracy of co-ops with the social reporting and investment opportunities associated with social enterprise

About Co-operatives

About Co-operatives

"Co-operatives are more resilient to crisis than other forms of enterprise according to a recent study by the ILO (International Labour Office). .. People are increasingly choosing the co-operative form of enterprise to respond to the new economic realities"ICA (International Co-operative Alliance) message on the 15th UN International Day of Co-operatives 4th July 2009

How can you start a housing co-op when you can't afford the house?

This is a report that we prepared with funding from Co-operative Financial Services, looking at the feasibility of privately funded Housing Co-operatives. We updated it in 2009 for the Commission on Co-operative Housing. It will be of use to anyone trying to start a housing co-op in an area where house prices are more than 75 times the local housing allowance obtainable for that type of property.



There are three sources of capital finance for social enterprises (including co-operatives). All have their advantages and disadvantages and are more or less appropriate according to the stage of development of your co-operative, its profitability and the scope for involving your community as owners as well as service users.


Community Investment Seminar at voice09

Here are some notes that I took during the Community Investment seminar at Voice09 last week. They're a bit jumbled.

Community investment is investment into our own resources; total investment is £265m with a membership of 5.4m. Median investment is £135k.

Activities - pre-1990 was dominated by consumer co-ops 16, transport 11, but only 1 community finance project; post-1990 has a wider spread incl renew energy, fairtrade, community retail

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