SCS celebrates Co-operatives Fortnight with Breakfast Networking events

in Chard, Glastonbury and Taunton. Somerset Co-operators discovered lots of opportunities for intertrading, learning from each other and mutual support. So much so that we agreed to do it again! We are aiming to hold another session in October, possibly in Castle Cary - watch this space! The photos show co-operators at the Glastonbury event: Somerset Co-operative Services, Healing Gardens Co-operative, West Country Co-operative and Plotgate Venture Community Co-operative, and at the Taunton event: Moorvale Credit Union, Co-Cars, Somerset Co-operative and Community Land Trust, The Co-operative North, East and West Devon and Somerset Committee and Somerset Co-operative Services. Many thanks to The Co-operative North, East, West Devon & Somerset Committee for their generous sponsorship.
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