Somerset Model Rules Seminar at the RISE Business Advisors Network meeting on 8th December was a great success. The seminar aimed to help participants:

  • * explain the benefits of the Rules and say when they are appropriate
  • * understand where other model rules are available and when they should be used instead
  • * be able to make some common, simple changes to model rules

Feedback from seminar participants was very positive:

  • "Superb - so good to have someone who really knows their subject matter - learnt loads that I need"
  • "Good to talk through real life examples with just a few other people"
  • "Tested my brain a bit but got me working with the rules, so good"
  • "Thought provoking"
    • The Seminar was lead by SCS founder member Alex Lawrie.

      In other news, Kate Whittle was delighted to learn she has passed the ILM VRQ Level 5 Certificate in Social Enterprise Advice - Congratulations to Kate!

      And some holiday reading for you :

      Innovative Uses of the Co-operative Model, from the Canadian Co-operative Association, can be downloaded from:

      Happy Holidays and a Co-operative New Year from all at Somerset Co-operative Services!

      NOVEMBER 09
      "A dog helps dog world" Ed Mayo, new Co-operatives UK CEO speaks at the launch of Andrew Bibby's "After the Crash" - suggesting that the co-operative business model offers a way to build strong, profitable businesses which are sustainable in the long-term, both environmentally and financially.

      Deal Between Mondragon (Spain) and the United Steelworkers (USA)

      At the end of October, the United Steelworkers (USW) and MONDRAGON Internacional, S.A. announced a framework agreement for collaboration in establishing MONDRAGON cooperatives in the manufacturing sector within the United States and Canada.

      USW International President Leo W. Gerard and Josu Ugarte, President of MONDGRAGON Internacional, signed an agreement of intent "to collaborate in the United States/Canada marketplace by adapting collective bargaining principles to the MONDRAGON cooperative model and worker ownership principles"

      More details at: http://geo.coop/node/411

      October 09
      The Co-operative Enterprise Hub provides funding for co-operative business support:


      September 09
      The latest news from Somerset Co-operative Services is all about launches:

      * we launched the new Somerset Rules, with a press release sent to the national press, third sector press and our co-operative development buddies
      * Go! Co-operative has launched its share offer, and we are receiving a small but steady flow of enquiries, which is gratifying
      * LCT, another SCS client, also recently launched a share offer, and interest in that is also steady.

      We also published a new leaflet, "It's not enough to just make a profit" outlining the wide range of services we offer, pointing out that "co-operative principles are the tools that enable a community to hold its enterprises accountable" - and featuring lots of happy smiling co-operators ...!

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