Introducing a Community Land Trust for Somerset - tenant managed rental and community enterprise incubation

Our mission is to provide sustainable affordable housing, and workspace for community enterprises, in Somerset; promoting co-operative principles and equality of opportunity.

SCCLT is a new co-operative society working to address the chronic shortage of affordable sustainable housing in Somerset, at the same time as creating incubators for new and growing community enterprises. Unlike other community land trusts, we see our main focus as being urban development where we add value to sites by mobilising volunteers and designing imaginative conversions; and keep costs low by reusing buildings and employing low impact building methods. We are also unusual in placing tenants at the heart of our governance structure, so that the land trust is always accountable to its intended beneficiaries. At the same time, any Somerset resident can join and have a say in how the society is run; people outside the traditional county can also join, but have limited voting rights in order to protect our mutual status.

We now own a property on East Reach in Taunton which we plan to develop for social housing and community workspace. 10 East Reach is a listed building and has considerable potential for additional uses on the substantial plot of land to the rear. Even without further development it can deliver four flats and a shop front for community enterprises in Taunton. In particular, we hope to provide the first high street outlet for credit union savings and loans.

Please read the flyer - available for download below - and share with your friends. You will soon be able to download the Offer Document in order to buy shares so that we can invest in improvements to the building. You can join now with just 50 £1 shares, if you live or work in Somerset.

Renting out the flats, even at an affordable rate, will enable us to pay interest on the shares at the rate of 4% each year. Our target for community shares is £45,000; we'll be combining that with other loans to carry out the renovations over the winter.

Some of our policy documents are also available for download below. If you are interested in becoming a tenant, please click on 'tenancies' in the menu. If you have any other enquiries email landtrust @ or phone 07881 923285.

Somerset Co-operative Community Land Trust is a Co-operative Society registered with the FCA number 30745R; registered office as for SCS, below.

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