Monday, 7 March 2016

“So I’ve heard”
Part of Somerset Co-operative Services’ Community Organising project, “So I’ve heard” is a new blog about our work in and around the Glastonbury area – supported by the Community Organisers Mobilisation Fund (COMFund).

The blog is written by SCS’s Co-operative Community Organiser Jon Cousins, and his latest post is about the launch of a new Community Supported Agriculture business: Plotgate CSA – a co-operative aiming to “grow local food for local people, and sharing the fun of farming.”

Why not take a look? “So I’ve heard”

Saturday, 26 September 2015

September news and directors' forum
 We're pleased to annouce another edition of the ever popular 'Co-operative Developments', this month packed with news about Taunton Saving Together at 10 East Reach, new co-ops in solar power and woodworking and much more. Click on the icon to download.

We're especially keen that as many people as possible hear about the monthly Directors' Forum that will be meeting at 10 East Reach every first Wednesday of the month. If you are a director of a social enteprise, or you think you might like to be, you'll find this an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge, seek help with problems, learn new things and develop your skills. Whether your interest in the role of the director is for social change, career development or being part of convivial teams, this is a chance to meet others who know what it's like.

If you can get into Taunton once a month for these sessions, you won't regret it - please spread the word (with the PDF linked to this image) and encourage others to join us.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Serving the community and making a difference

You can be an effective director of a social enterprise or co-operative – as a hobby, a career or as part of a team. Whatever your background, learn business and leadership skills at our monthly support group. The social economy needs you!

1st Wednesday of each month 10.30-1pm, starting 7th October 2015 at 10 East Reach Taunton TA1 3EW.
These regular sessions will be a mix of bite-sized training and mutual aid and support for anyone interested in directing a social enterprise or co-op.
Building a healthier local economy that meets needs sustainably is everyone's
job – find out how you can best play a part.
Free, though donations around £15 a session are welcomed.
More information here.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Coming up in Somerset...

All this and much more is available in our latest newsletter - click to download!
We have more news about co-operatives making creative use of Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme; training for Directors of social enterprises; and how Tinkers Bubble is securing their site for the future.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Co-operative Identity in the UK - a disagreement in the co-op family?

Two very interesting consultations are underway at the moment. Here, we have Co-operatives UK continuing its negotiation with the FCA with aconsultation on the co-operative identity; and here, the ICA is asking everyone's views on its interpretation of and commentary on the famous co-operative principles.
On one point, there are signs that these two key organisations for UK co-operators might be heading in different directions. Co-ops UK says:
"If the FCA is to consider participation in any way, high value should be attached to participation through ownership, democracy, capital contribution... The FCA is right to focus on preventing the co-operative form being misused
as an investment vehicle, but should focus...on cases where rates of return [are too high]" The implication appears to be that in Co-ops UK's view, there is no difficulty in mutuals being investor-led.
Meanwhile, the ICA is saying this: "...if members are not users of a co-operative’s services, the reasons for them not being users should be analysed and their right to remain members should be considered... [in] hybrid co-operatives that merge two organisational models [co-operative and investor ownership]... consideration also needs to be given to, what, if any, are to be the voting rights of non-member [ie non user] equity shareholders..." So the ICA seem to be saying the opposite: you cannot normally qualify for full voting membership unless you participate (ie use the services) in some way.
Our approach has generally been more like that of the ICA: we think non-user membership, with strictly limited voting rights, is best for people who bring valuable things to a co-operative but do not in fact depend upon it as its stakeholders do. What do you think? Anyone can respond to those consultations.
[Update: Co-ops UK have told me that they have altered their consultation to stress that "it is possible for members to benefit from the activities of a co-operative in meaningful non-financial way without them having to participate in direct economic exchange" and 'do not advocate investor only relationships'. This is good, but there are still signs that they might be willing to tolerate them.]

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Bite sized training for Directors on 30th June
If you've ever thought the word 'Director' suggests a mysterious world of high finance, dubious ethics and smart suits, we hope we can reassure you - it's a job for anyone, regardless of skills or background. And social enterprises need more of them!
This short training session (coinciding with our AGM, which you're also very welcome to attend) will give you a solid grounding in both the legal and practical expectations of Directorship. It's also important to know how to get the best out of it - for some people it can help build skills, confidence and careers.
Please spread the word about this completely free session - and if you enjoy it we'll be going into more detail with a series of monthly workshops from September.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ecological Land Co-op covered by the Independent

The Independent on Sunday has a great piece today on the Ecological Land Co-op. This is a project that Somerset Co-operative Services played a key role in initiating ten years ago. An outline paper entitled 'An Ecological Land Co-op' describes a vision of a business that will be "run by and accountable to people who are or intend to be managing land ecologically, which can buy land speculatively for ecological purposes... The co-operative would be financed by a share issue which would give it a ‘war chest’ for making purchases. Having bought land, the co-op can find the best people or organisations to manage it, and put in planning applications... Users can rent the land at a rate they can afford... When projects are well established, they can purchase the freehold, subject only to the condition that the land remains in ecological use." Well, it's here and ready to grow - visit their website to find out more.